Here at Showstarters we recognise that amateur theatre groups have different needs to professionals and we design our scripts to suit.

Professional budgets mean that they don't want too many main characters - they may even want a 'vehicle' for a star. In your theatre group, you want something for everyone to do, you want to showcase the talents of as many people as possible and, chances are, you'll want plenty of strong female characters!

Joanna has years of experience in amateur dramatics societies - performing, directing and writing. She knows what works and how to make sure that your show flows.

All our shows include strong characters for all age groups, plenty of work for the chorus to do and we are always willing to work with you to make changes to suit your cast and staging requirements.

Suggested songs are chosen carefully to ensure that music and words complement each other; creating a carefully crafted framework for directors and casts to build upon, leading to a thoroughly entertaining and satisfying theatrical experience!